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Summer Jul. 16th - Jul. 22nd, 2024 Senior Shenzhen
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ASDAN Global Volunteer Program(Research+Volunteer)

Combine volunteer and research, ASDAN Volunteer Program equips volunteers with research knowledge and method,encourages volunteers to complete research reports on diverse social issues, which contributes to applying for university and making an real influence


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Shenzhen Urban Village Business Support and Planning Initiative

Assisting Urban Villages in Finding Their Optimal Role in the Modern City through Innovative Business Planning!

In Shenzhen, there exists a unique phenomenon known as the "urban village." These urban villages have played a crucial role in supporting the city's rapid development, accommodating around two-thirds of the city's population and showcasing its diversity and inclusivity. However, as the city continues to urbanize, these urban villages are facing a wave of transformation. While they may no longer be youthful, the dreams of the millions who reside in these urban villages remain as vibrant as ever. They encompass street vendors, construction workers, recent college graduates, and the children of migrant workers, among others. Huaide, a community within Shenzhen, epitomizes this urban village phenomenon. Volunteers will venture into the Huaide community, where they will encounter a blend of traditional cultural elements such as ancestral halls and private schools, lion dance martial arts, and Cantonese opera, coexisting with modern recreational activities like square dancing, Tai Chi, and fitness routines. Volunteers will explore the distinctive cultural characteristics of Shenzhen and interpret the urban village from a business perspective. They will investigate how to enhance the integration of existing urban village elements with the modern metropolis in various dimensions, including economics, philanthropy, culture, and architectural transformation. By gaining a multifaceted understanding of these urban villages, volunteers aim to propose a future that unlocks unlimited possibilities for the city.

Program Significance

Public Service Mentorship Team
1. Mentor Profiles: Head of a social public welfare workshop; Senior brand design and event planning specialist; Senior architect and mentor for exploring urban villages in Shenzhen through the "Guan Zhu" ( 观筑 ) program.
2. Professional Workshops: Workshops covering topics such as cultural and creative design, business plan writing, public speaking and presentation skills, product promotion, and Asdan simulated interviews.
3. Ongoing Guidance: Comprehensive guidance throughout, including pre-trip academic training and 1-on-1 guidance in charitable research during the trip.
Core Project Highlights
1. Engaging with Stakeholders: Engaging with stakeholders relevant to the research topics, including residents of Shenzhen's urban villages, leaders of cultural and creative factories, and mentors specializing in business plan skills.
2. Unique Experiences: Conducting on-site visits and research in urban villages, visiting cultural and creative product manufacturing factories.
3. Visualized Outcomes: Delivering results through Asdan online reports, producing cultural and creative products from urban villages, and submitting business plans to local communities and relevant platforms.

Program Itinerary

Why Us


  • Official member of International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE)
  • The ASDAN Volunteering Certfication is accredited by UCAS
  • Certification for 40-50 hours of volunteer service issued by ASDAN China,Volunteering Certification issued by official partner organization

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , ASDAN "Volunteer + Research" Program meets the needs of colleges and the society for current and future talents, and cultivates the ability of discovering problems, actively acquiring and applying knowledge, and solving real problems.

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"Volunteering + Research", exclusively designed by ASDAN China, is an academic growth model that combines research-oriented learning and voluntary service. We refer to the authoritative theory of education, admission requirements of universities, 10 years of project experience, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to design our programs. ASDAN "Volunteering + Research" Programs cover four categories: Teach for Rural Areas, Community Support, Wildlife & Environment Conservation, and Cultural Heritage Conservation. Volunteers will experience rich and unique service scenarios and learn from different topics of research workshops concerning real social problems. We aim to guide volunteers to discover problems, propose solutions and report to the public, improve volunteers' research learning ability, meet the requirements of volunteers' personal growth and further education, and enhance their sense of social responsibility.

When it comes to voluntary services, admission officers of universities think highly of sincerely caring about society and comprehensive qualities and skills, such as proposers of innovative solutions, leaders of public welfare projects, and the continuity and depth of voluntary services. 62.1% of colleges would like to see applicants show a record report reflecting the whole process of volunteering. The world's top universities emphasize community commitment with problem-solving ability. Every high school student needs volunteering service experience that combines public welfare emotion and social problem-solving ability.


Value for University Application

  • Three authoritative certificates
  • Volunteer portfolio
  • Six transferable skills: research-based learning, self-directed learning, teamwork, problem solving, communication and presentation, use of IT resources
  • Research outputs can be further used in EPQ research learning certification to obtain university application UCAS bonus points and more opportunity of world-renowned universities' admissions
  • Visual academic outputs that is bene cial to the local communities
  • An uniqe volunteering portfolio that shows your growth



  • Professional tutor team: cooperate with frontline NGOs/social enterprises and experienced tutors
  • Participation: expose to real social issues and immerse in real volunteering scenes, and enhance the sense of experiencing
  • Realize self-worth: take actions and become an innovator and leader
  • Participate in volunteering service to contribute to the local communities
  • Long-term sustainable influence: take part in SDGs program continuously, and make a long-term sustainable impact!


Academic Outputs


research report: visible outcomes beneficial to real social issues


academic portfolio:an unique academic report records your volunteering services


real volunteering story:volunteering stories highlight your PS

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Qualification and Authoritative Certificates

Official member of International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE)

ASDAN UK Volunteering Short Course

which is accredited by UCAS

Volunteering Certification

issued by partner organization

Certification for 40-50 hours of volunteer service issued by ASDAN China

Sustainable Influence

Inspire more people with our stories

Sustainable Influence Platform:The ASDAN Volunteer QuarterlyThe ASDAN Volunteer Academic Journal、ASDAN Official WeChat Accounts and other multimedia platforms

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  • • Real stories:inspire more people
  • • Challenging volunteering services:skills learning and methodology
  • • Fruitful experience:various outcomes
  • • Sustainable Influence:participate continuously

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