Our volunteering stories-Teach for Rural Areas

Improving Rural Education

Volunteers teach fun lessons for children in underdeveloped rural areas such as Qionghai, Guilin and Huzhou, and help broaden their horizons, impart knowledge and improve their education.

The Journey of Love: Story of Teaching for Rural Area Students
【Abstract】We walked into a classroom, and the children were already sitting neatly. Seeing their bright black eyes staring at us curiously, I was a little nervous. But after we started to communicate with them, their smiles are so innocent and bright.
Always on the Way: Promote Educational Equity
【Abstract】"Always on the road" is exactly what we are looking forward to. We hope that all the children we taught in undeveloped rural areas will always be on the road to a better future, never stopping, never giving up, and never compromising!
There‘re so Many People in the World, I Meet You Fortunately
【Abstract】Goodbye, Guilin city and my lovely students. Regardless of favor or disgrace, prosperity or adversity, be yourself. Maybe we will meet again in the future, or never, but I always believe that I will participate in voluntary activities constantly.
It's My Luck to Meet You, and It's My Pleasure to be Your Teacher
【Abstract】Life is a journey of continuous choices, and what is left in the end is your unique and memorable stories. I choose to be a volunteer teacher of students from Guilin rural primary school because I am searching for a meaningful youth.
Dear Students, Hope We will Meet Again in the Future
【Abstract】On February 7, when everyone was still immersed in the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, I met the first batch of students in my life, although the way of meeting was online, I was very happy that I'll bring them interesting lessons.
Anything Worth Doing is Going to Be Difficult
【Abstract】I'm very happy to take this opportunity to be an English teacher, and to pass on the joy of learning English to all the children! I have also made significant progress in this teaching program, and my self-confidence has gradually improved.

Our volunteering stories-Wildlife & Environment Conservation

Whether it is rare, it should be cherished

Volunteers will see endangered animals in real wild nature, help in the conservation and preservation work under the guidance of professional environmentalists, learn a diverse range of practical conservation skills and are directly get involved in protecting and nurturing Mother Nature.

Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest, A Place Forgotten by Time
【Abstract】Human life and the natural world are closely connected, so it is worth protecting rainforests as a volunteer. Mengla county is a scene of verdant greenery where you can see dense trees in rainforest and sharp stalactites in millennium stalactite caves.
It's Time to Protect Endangered Animals: the Siberian Tiger
【Abstract】I have always been interested in environmental protection since I was a child, such as sorting of garbage, saving electricity and water. But I have never understood how to save endangered species, so I decided to seize this rare opportunity.
Ethnic Minorities Living Around the Protected Areas
【Abstract】What are the Dai people who live near the rainforest like? They are committed to protecting their traditional culture in the era of rapid development. They can turn the responsibility of protecting the rainforest into their lifelong mission.
We Came to the Rainforest which is Known as "Green Gem"!
【Abstract】There are two most important "green lungs" in the world. One is the Amazon rainforest, and the other is in Xishuangbanna which is the largest tropical rainforest in China. This is the only oasis here, which is a miracle at 21˚ north latitude.
Protecting the Blue Ocean on the Earth by Mess Media
【Abstract】I participate in this volunteering project to deeply explore the biodiversity of the West Islands in Hainan, and contribute to the protection of biodiversity, sustainable development, life of local people and the ecological environment.
I’m coming, the Yunnan snub-nosed monkey reserve!
【Abstract】We went to the forest and planted spruce on the morning of the sixth day. In the process of climbing the mountain, we supported each other until found a suitable place for the tree. That scene is still clearly engraved in my mind.

Our volunteering stories-Community Support

Make a Difference in Your Community

Volunteers contribute to our local community and care for people who are most in need, including; the elderly, the disabled, the youth and start-ups. Strengthen communities and promote social inclusion.

Elderly Alzheimer's: Stories Trapped in Time
【Abstract】Although I have lived with my grandma since I was a child, I have never had a deep understanding of the elderly group, let alone the elderly with dementia. This time I get in touch with these lovely people and wish to do something for them.
Caring for the Elderly with Alzheimer's
【Abstract】Although the project has been over for a long time, everything I experienced is still vivid. I'm glad I could stay with the Alzheimer's elederly group and pay efforts for solving psychological problems with the knowledge of Art Therapy.
Caring for Alzheimer’s by Self-media
【Abstract】Although I have lived with my grandma since I was a child, I have never had a deep understanding of the elderly group, let alone the elderly with dementia. This time I get in touch with these lovely people and wish to do something for them.

Our volunteering stories-Culture and Heritage

Keep our history alive and protect traditional culture

Volunteers get involved in rich and vibrant cultural scene from remote villages to world-class festivals and Museums. Make documentaries, record mysterious cultural treasures, and protect intangible cultural heritage such as embroideries, handmade paper, Sanxingdui culture and porcelain.

A Journey to Explore the Mysteries of Tibetan Intangible Cultural Heritage
【Abstract】The reason why we research these ancient watchtower is that the watchtower is an important cultural heritage, and its historical value is also very high, so we want to make an documentary to popularize its historical value to more people.
Our First Originally Designed Hand-made Notebook for Startups
【Abstract】We used to understand business theoretically from school. So it's very meaningful to be involved in volunteering practice during which we can design products, make marketing strategies and promote traditional culture in the real world.
The Historical Culture of Silk Road is Worth Remembering
【Abstract】It is precisely because there're so many people who love Dunhuang that the culture has been passed down for thousands of years. The colorful murals, the incredible Mogao Grottoes and Yulin Grottoes, are all telling the glory of civilization.

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